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Quality design of your site is vital.  This ensures your asphalt paving will look great.  And will remain in top condition for the longest possible time.  Our experience means we can help you to make the best possible decisions.  Both during the initial consultation and the quote stage.

Site preparation begins with establishing levels. Then designing drainage. Followed by excavation and laying a quality base. This base will usually be crushed rock.  Future risks to your asphalt paving such as tree roots need to be considered.  The thickness of your asphalt layer is very important to it’s longevity. This in turn has an effect on the up front cost.  Remember to ensure your supplier tells you the thickness “after” compacting. We always remove all materials after the job is complete. And leave your site clean and tidy.

G. Mueller Asphalt is fully equipped for all asphalt paving construction, maintenance, resurfacing and repairs;
  • Bobcat  (3 tonne)
  • Excavator  (3.5 tonne and 12 tonne)
  • Kenworth Tipper  (13 tonne)
  • Asphalt Paver  (3 metres)
  • Rollers  (1.5 tonne and 3 tonne)
  • Independent power generation
  • All other equipment including compacters etc.
Other services we can arrange include;
  • Laying of pavers and brick edging for decorative borders
  • Concreting for edging, cross-overs, curb and channel
  • Root barriers
  • Storm water drainage
  • Line-marking
  • Signage.
* Warning about Asphalt driveway scams! *

Never engage an Asphalt supplier who knocks on your door with a great “deal”.  These scammers often claim to have material “left over” from a “large job”.  Quality suppliers estimate precisely and don’t have materials “left over”.  These scammers demand cash payment and are then gone.  They often provide poor site preparation. They also often put down an asphalt layer that is too thin.  Their work may look good for a short time.  However problems then develop and you find you have no warranty claim.  Research and make contact with a supplier of your choice.
Refer to the below links for more detail;
Consumer Affairs Victoria
Australian Asphalt Pavement Association

Phone Wally Mueller on:  0417 772 599  or Email:

For further information about asphalt please refer to this Wikipedia article.